who we are... 

Rescar Companies is a privately held company that offers maintenance services to companies that own and/or lease rail rolling stock. Services include mechanical repair, exterior painting, interior coating and cleaning. These services are provided from Rescar's nationwide network of 100+ service locations in the US and Canada either at fixed facilities or from the field services group.

Rescar has been providing these services to private shippers, leasing companies and railroads for over 36 years and is the largest rolling stock maintenance provider in North America. In the past, Rescar has pioneered many new and efficient ways of providing these services that have saved our customers countless dollars in maintenance related cost. As such, Rescar is considered to be the premier company in this industry by its customers and competitors alike.

Rescar's mission is simple:
"We will perform all services with defect-free workmanship for all Rescar's customers, both internal and external. We will understand the requirements of our jobs and conform to those requirements at all times. We will do it right the first time."

Rescar welcomes you to our web site and hope you contact us with any service needs you may have.

Joseph F. Schieszler Sr. Chairman
Joseph F. Schieszler President & CEO
Marvin B. Hughes Sr. VP Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
Augie Stanton VP Operations
Susan Schieszler Sr. VP Customer Service & Quality Assurance
Barry Anstandig Sr. VP & CFO
Carolyn DeCesari VP Information Systems

Corporate headquarters:
1101 31st Street, Suite 250, Downers Grove, IL 60515, Phone: 630-963-1114, Fax: 630-963-6342
Corporate: (800) 851-5196, Troubleshooting: (800) 737-2276, Customer Service: (800) 753-5451

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